What we do

MENA Region

With more than 15 years of experience in the MENA Region, we cover all fields of business law, in all of the region’s jurisdictions – from Morocco in the West, to Iran in the East.

We help our clients from all over the world to structure their business, and to identify the solution that is the most appropriate to their needs. Sometimes, the only reasonable solution is complicated and complex – but quite often it is very straight forward.

We do not belong to any association or group of law firms. Therefore, we are, in each individual case, able to choose such local counsel and to put together such teams as we deem most suitable for our clients’ needs. We are travelling in the MENA Region on a regular basis and, if required, we are where our clients need us to be.

Our main fields of expertise are agency & distribution, EPC, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, labor law, litigation & arbitration; this includes:

  • structuring regional distribution networks and drafting agency, distribution and franchise agreements
  • drafting EPC contracts and related advice, at all stages, including coordination of tax advice with local tax advisors
  • advice in relation to public procurement procedures, government contracts and regulatory issues
  • advice on corporate and commercial laws, joint ventures, structuring and establishment of local and regional branches and subsidiaries
  • litigation and arbitration, in cooperation with local litigators, if required


We regularly assist our clients in cross-border legal disputes, both in Germany and, with the support of local litigators, abroad; in particular in the MENA Region, we can draw on a well-established professional network of reliable litigators.

Combining our own international legal background with professional resources on the ground, we are able to develop specific dispute resolution strategies appropriate to each client under express consideration of expected costs and duration of the proceedings; the question whether enforcement of claims can ultimately be achieved is at the forefront of our considerations.

If a decision to enter into legal proceedings is taken, we stay at our client’s side all the way and remain their permanent contact person, irrespective of whether such action takes place in Germany or abroad.

Our expertise in the field of dispute resolution includes

  • out-of-court dispute resolution
  • proceedings before state courts both in Germany and abroad
  • national and international arbitration proceedings
  • cross border enforcement action


Entering into cross-border transactions regularly means moving into unknown territory; naturally, clients do not always feel comfortable when they take such a step.

We assist our clients in deciding whether such a venture should be undertaken in view of the legal and actual risks abroad. Should the situation appear favorable, we see it as our key task to help shape the legal framework for a proper implementation of the transaction in the interest of our clients; but equally important, it is our goal to provide our clients with a loss-preventing exit option, should the project not turn out as originally planned.

We are also frequently asked to advise foreign investors on a broad scope of M&A transactions and real estate acquisitions in Germany.

Our expertise in the field of cross-border transactions (with a particular focus on Germany and the MENA Region) includes:

  • Business acquisitions, business ownership and business transformation, including legal due diligence, set up of the deal structure, negotiation of the transaction agreements and closing
  • Joint ventures and cooperation agreements
  • EPC and infrastructure projects
  • Project financing agreements
  • Structuring of public-private partnerships
  • Advice on regulatory issues